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About this fanlisting

This is the only fanlisting checked by The Fanlistings Network for the beautiful music band, "Peter, Paul and Mary". It is listed in the "Musicians: Bands/Groups" category and "P" subcategory (check at this page).

Peter, Paul and Mary are one of those bands that you didn't know you knew. For me, I'm sure I sang their songs in early school assemblies, and heard them on children's T.V. programmes - mostly early material like "Puff, the Magic Dragon", "500 Miles", and their versions of Pete Seeger songs - but then, I was oblivious to their actual existence, and just presumed that these gorgeously natural songs just flowed into the world of children's music like a blooming flower flows from a hopeful seed.

But obviously, with time and exposure to the real world, I discovered the band themselves. This was mainly through my interest in American folk music, and changes in the 1960s. Musicians like PP&M were demanding neccessary social and political change through soft (and of course, some loud) folk songs inspired by Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger and the Weavers, and were at the forefront of American society - even centre stage at the epic, and cinematic, March to Washington (1963). These were the kind of people that I wanted to keep in my musical and cultural life, because they were using their music and influence to stimulate a continuous goodness and change within people and throughout the world.

When I listen to PP&M, I couple this historical and social context with their eternal beauty as a musical band - as a harmonic folk trio. Peter, Paul and Mary have this gorgeously echoic and ethereal sound that ripples through clear blue skies, frozen mountains, tropical rainforests, bustling cities and moonlit fields and directly to your soul, rendering you fully awake. As people, they have an aura of kindness, wit, harmony, moral and understanding, reflected directly into the cosiness of their music. As music, they are wrapped in silver stanzas and sing for the conscience, for moral rights, for local and global concerns, for human emotions and realities; their songs are eternally concise and comprehensive, telling historic and contemporary tales in a brush of a few words. They roll in silvered, dripping harmonies melting in honeyed melodies, and are experts at weaving tapestry tales of hope, myth and reality with the softest grace.

But what I adore is how their sound feels pencil thin and valley thick at the same time, representing that continuous fight for justice and harmony in society and self, and swallowing you whole in a liberating sonic completion, so a song can rise, and conquer.

Written by Raine, the website owner

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